St Benedict's Monastery, Arcadia

 Statue of St Benedict
Statue of St Benedict at Arcadia
(photo Norm McFarlane)

At the Monastery of St Benedict, in Arcadia, New South Wales, we pursue the goal of living out the ideals and inspirations of St Benedict, author of the Rule of Benedict, which inspires the many communities of  the Benedictine Confederation.  We are a group of Christian men, living together in community, supporting each other in our search for God through prayer, work, study and mutual co-operation.

Monastery of St Benedict
The Monastery of St Benedict
(photo Theo Robinson OSB)

We can be contacted at:

St. Benedict's Monastery
121 Arcadia Rd
Arcadia NSW 2159
Phone:  02 9653 1159
Fax:      02 9653 1883

Let us take you on a tour of our way of life:

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